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Fion Chee Background


Fion Chee, born in 1989 , work in goldsmith factory 12 years, and help her previous company wining SME100 Awards by 2022 as General Manager.

Fion Chee family is doing goldsmith since 1950, so she have a lots of gold jewellery knowledge since her childhood, by 2016 she start build up her 1st company lovell sixteen by using her knowledge and experience start up with capitol only RM5,000, until today Kin Jewellery have more than 2millions monthly business volume.

Victor Background

Managing Director

Victor born in 1983 , work Branding company by 2002 and help a Hong Kong insurance company increase 30% sales within 3 month in years 2014,and he is founder of few media company , by years 2022 join in Kin Jewelry to help us in marketing and branding.

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Client Satisfaction
The Beauty Feminine Jewellery

Driven by our passion for jewellery making, we value quality craftmanship and customer’s satisfaction above all else.

Kin Jewelry Background

Kin Jewelry is know as Lovell Sixteen before, its founded by Fion Chee by 2016 and we change name to Kin Jewelry by 2022 after victor is join in.

In very beginning Fion Chee found out Penang Malaysia is one of the place having the most gold factory export gold Jewellery to worldwide market such as Singapore ,Brunei and Dubai , but all export design is not selling to local market due to selling to others country is more profitable compare to local market, therefore seldom company selling this very special design in Malaysia market, normal Malaysia market is having basic design items only, so Fion is start to planning how to convince those factory help to produce all this exported design for our local market too, but we need a large amount order to do so , it will cost her too much of capital ,after Fion negotiate with few factory lovell sixteen finally able to order those export design but with quite high prices therefore need to mix with some silver jewellery to survive company. In the same time Fion need to work while already start a business , she cant focus is Lovell Sixteen., due to lack of fund, she cant quit the job focus in own business only.

Until year 2022 victor join in , Kin Jewelry start to focus is gold jewellery market only and both of them quit their job fully manage Kin Jewellery. Kin Jewelry more focus in light design because we wish everyone able to buy most new and fashion design gold jewellery with available price, we wish everyone can have fashion and elegant jewellery accessories and in the same time its good to keep for value compare to others material jewellery. Kin Jewellery Goal is not create a low cost jewellery but we want to create a quality jewellery can wearing by noble but selling to everyone with affordable prices.

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